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Public Works Agreement

Superior Ready Mix Concrete, L.P.

Public Works Subcontract Agreement for Delivery of Concrete

This subcontract is by and between Superior Ready Mix Concrete L.P and the customer executing this subcontract below. This subcontract is made with reference to the followinf public work:

This agreement required comlpliance with the requirements of the Public Works Chapter of the Labor Code, including payment of prevailing wages for the hauling and delivery of ready mixed concrete to carry out a public works contract. This agreement has no other legal affect, and the parties affirm that this subcontract has no effect on the commercial and legal relationship between Superior Ready Mix Concrete and the contractor, and the Superior Ready Mix Concrete is acting as a material supplier and not a subcontractor in this transaction.

Superior Ready Mix Concrete L.P.

By: Chris Brouwer, Vice President, Sales

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