What information is needed when ordering concrete?

1. Customer’s name and phone number

2. Jobsite address

3. Requested delivery date and time

4. Payment type (on account, cash, check or credit card)

5. What type of concrete mix is needed (brief description of your job i.e. grout, sidewalk, driveway, footing...)

  • What strength (psi) is required
  • Pouring directly from the truck or is a pump needed to reach the jobsite
  • 3/8” rock mix or ¾” rock mix

6. How many yards needed Concrete Calculator. If multiple loads are needed, what spacing between trucks.

7. Any extra products needed (fiber, color, admixtures...)

What number to call when ordering concrete?

San Diego County 760-690-5700

Riverside County 951-277-3553

Coachella Valley 760-343-3418

Imperial County 760-352-4341

What is Superior’s service area?
What are Superior’s normal delivery hours?

Monday thru Friday, 6:00 AM – 3:00 PM, between the hours of 3:00 & 5:00 PM an additional fee will be charged.

Saturday 6:00 AM -12:00PM, please note there is an additional fee for Saturday deliveries.

No deliveries on Sundays.

Please call for pricing for early morning or late night deliveries

What is Superior’s minimum load?

The smallest load we can delivery is 1 cubic yard, any order less than 9 cubic yards will include a short load fee.

How much time do I have to unload a truck?

We allow 4 minutes per yard to unload. Please note any additional time needed will be charged accordingly.

What are concrete Fibers?

We offer a variety of fibers that can be added to your concrete. Micro-fibers can help mitigate the formation of plastic shrinkage cracking in driveways, sidewalks, patios and more. Macro-fibers can be used to replace welded wire mesh and conventional reinforcing bars in a variety of applications. Macro-fibers are ideal in slab on grade construction, especially large distribution centers and warehouses. The addition of macro-fibers can give you savings in both time and money by limiting or replacing the use of reinforcing bars. Please visit Euclid Chemical’s website for a full description of concrete fiber.

What Colors are Available?

While concrete is the ideal building material for your project because if it’s strength, durability and versatility, why not enhance the natural beauty of it by adding color? We offer a wide range of color option for you to choose from to create a unique and stunning project. Our color is dosed using state of the art computerized coloring systems. Please visit Davis Colors’ website for available colors and product literature.    

Which Forms of Payment are Accepted?


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